Suncoast Ocean Swim 19, Fiji’s newest event, launched

The Suncoast Ocean Swim 19 was launched at an event at Tanoa Rakiraki Hotel on Fiji’s Suncoast on Monday 4th February 2019.

Fiji’s Suncoast Ocean Swim 19 event will this year be on 23rd March 2019.

There are distances for everyone and local accommodation with packages especially for you.

The event was launched by Tourism Suncoast President Mr Nick Darling, and was attended by Tourism Suncoast members and media.

Tourism Fiji Support

“We’d like to acknowledge the support of Tourism Fiji’s Events team in pulling this together so well. It’s important to have support from all our partners in the tourism industry, and along with the resorts and tour operators on Fiji’s Suncoast, the support of our national tourism office has been critical and very much appreciated.

Matthew Stoeckel, Tourism Fiji CEO, stated, “The Tourism Fiji’s Events team was put in place in 2017 to assist regional DMOs develop new and exciting events to attract more visitors to the outer regions of Fiji.

He continued “Fiji’s events calendar is loaded with festivals and celebrations to delight and attract visitors, and this latest event on Fiji’s Suncoast will be a great addition.”

“Our Events Management Team led by Luisa Finiasi will be assisting at every opportunity to ensure the success of this sporting event.”

Mr Darling also acknowledged support from MDF in Suva, “We’re grateful to the ongoing input of MDF in continuing to assist and support Tourism Suncoast in our young start up phase. MDF assisted us throughout last year and were instrumental in launching this latest event”

The Suncoast Ocean Swim 19

The Suncoast Ocean Swim 19, with 500m, 1.5km. 3km and 5km distances is scheduled for Saturday 23rd March.

There are some excellent accommodation packages from No Worries Bay, The Beehive, Wananavu Beach Resort, Tanoa Rakiraki and Volivoli Beach Resort so many different options to visit the Suncoast.

Swim categories

  • Child: 6 – 10 years (same fees as youth)
  • Youth: 11 – 16 years
  • Open Women (17 and over)
  • Open Men (17 and over)

Race distances

  • 5k
  • 3k
  • 1.5k
  • 500m



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